Meet our Chief Instructor

Phillip Yang

I've spent 39 years on the mats after starting my martial training at the age of 5. Here’s a few of the things I’ve come to understand from combat arts over the years:
-Keep it real, fancy moves are for Hollywood.
-Train the way you expect to perform.
- All bodies have 1 neck to choke, 2 arms to lock and 2 legs to sweep… stay calm.
-Be humble, regardless of what your ego says, nobody knows everything.
-If you're lucky enough to get past the physical training...We use our training as a tool to learn about the strengths we all have within ourselves. The potential damage our techniques can inflict on enemies teach us how fragile life really is; therefore, we come to understand that helping others and being kind is the right thing to do as a decent human being.
-We train to understand what honor, integrity and respect for OURSELVES and others really means.

I love my daughters. I will do my best to use martial arts training as a tool to help them understand these things too. So in turn, they may do the same for their children someday.

I'm excited to see what new lessons martial arts will bring me as I continue my own life journey of training.

-Phillip Yang, Shihan


Telegraph Journal Article

Saint John (NB) – April 22, 2016:  Shihan Phillip Yang’s passion for teaching jujutsu has him fulfilling requests from Norway, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Sweden various Canadian provinces and the United States this year.  “I am truly humbled to have received so many international requests to teach seminars and participate in demonstrations around the globe this year” said Phillip Yang.  “I always dreamed of sharing the art and discipline of jujutsu with the world when I started teaching 25 years ago, and that dream is coming true.”

 It is no surprise to his Yamaji Dojo family that he has received so many requests.  “Shihan Phil is an amazing teacher.  He easily teaches to different skill and age levels while also ensuring everyone is having fun learning the techniques” said Gail Bremner.   She added “Phil is passionate about the many benefits students gain from learning jujutsu and he truly cares about each and every student.”

 “When I started the club, the mission was to provide a quality Family Self-Defense program for our community and it is still true today.  We practice martial techniques and etiquette to honor an age-old tradition with the aspiration of instilling self-confidence, self-esteem, physical fitness, self-discipline and mindfulness” added Phillip Yang.

 Shihan Phil’s success has been recognized locally with word spreading so quickly that in just 4 short years the club’s numbers have grown with satellite clubs in Hampton, Quispamsis and Halifax. A recent acquisition of space in Quispamsis will see the opening of a dedicated 3000 square foot dojo (training facility) for Southern New Brunswick.  Programming will be expanding and more information will follow on this as it becomes available.

 Master Phillip Yang accomplishments:

  • 8th degree blackbelt in Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu
  • Blackbelt in jiu-jitsu under the Williams family.
  • Competed in Kickboxing under NB boxing commission under the guidance of the Williams family
  • 38 years of martial arts experience
  • Over 25 years of teaching experience including  teaching children ages 3 and up starting with the YM-YWCA Saint John, NB.
  • Coached gymnastics for over a decade running both recreation and competitive programs under Fundy Gymnastics
  • NCCP l2 – Canadian National Coaching Certification Program Level 2
  • Employed by Province of NB in Health Care as an Enterprise Applications Analyst, servicing all hospitals in the Province of NB.
  • Certified Microsoft Engineer
  • Citrix specialist
  • Executive Development diploma under Richard Ivey School of Business/ J.D. Irving Limited.
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