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Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

“5 star club!!!! Started taking our 4 year old boy and 6 year old daughter.
Since we’ve started training at yamaji dojo both my children have gain a tremendous amount of confidence, discipline and respect. In my opinion these are traits a lot of children are having trouble with these days including mine.
Our daughter had confidence and self esteem issues and if any parent has or is going through this you know that the hand book for that doesn’t exists. Our son like most young boys was and still is a little savage. Being a parent you want to set your children up for success and give them the best foundation you can before sending them out on there own,so we decided martial arts might be what they need and boy it’s working.

Both children have become much better at listen and comprehending instructions that most kids their age might not have yet . They are staying physical fit , gaining confidence by knowing how to protect themselves and understanding that you won’t die if you take a punch or a kick and for someone with confidence issues that can be a huge booster.

Lots of people think martial arts are barbaric or unnecessary in today’s society and getting a trophy for “participation” in a sport is more important then earning it. Well that’s not the case with jujitsu , it’s teaches you that working hard and giving your all can actually be rewarding by give you a life long accomplishment that no one can ever take from you and in my opinion , in today’s world that’s is so important .

Elisa Patrick Gordon



“15 inches gone and close to 20 pounds gone. It came off slow and steady…. but it’s gone and I’m not letting it come back 🙂 great program, great coaches makes great results!!!

Thank you Coach Phil, Becky and Mike!
I’m holding up the amount of weight I loss 🙂 (in the picture).

Life changing.”

Tracey Tozer
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“Enrolling our son in the Yamaji Dojo kids Jujutsu program was the best decision we ever made. Originally it was because his friends were there and he wanted to try it too. It quickly shifted from a social time to a love, focus and determination that we had never seen in him before. Sensei Philip Yang is not only a fantastic teacher but also such a positive role model. He has taught him to find his strengths, confidence and most importantly proper self defence. We are very thankful that he has found his passion at the Yamaji Dojo and that each week the wonderful instructors continue to fuel his love for Jujutsu. His words “Yamaji Dojo is my favourite place to be!”
Thank you to the Dojo family for being such a positive influence to my boy!

Maureen Kodric“.
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“I proudly joined Yamaji Dojo, starting off with the kickboxing class then advancing to the fitness challenges. I was looking to get back my confidence after having my second child. I gained my confidence back and so much more while losing weight and inches. I am so thankful to Phil and all the other coaches along the way who I feel helped to make me who I wanted to be. THANK YOU!

Jennifer Shannon
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“I joined yamaji dojo to try something new and hopefully follow a dream to one day step foot in the octogon. I started taking the jiu jitsu classes and was invited with open arms. I fell in love with it. There is an amazing sense of support, friendship and family. I continued jiu jitsu then went on to join their kickboxing classes. I am now healthier then I ever was before and am making progress to where I want to be… and I now have some one to look up to. Phillip Yang is my idle and there is no other person I’d rather have training me.

– Andrew Lamb”.
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“I love the 90 day fitness challenge classes. Phil has fantastic instructors that help motivate me each week. I love that no workout is the same and each class helps us get stronger. The dojo is clean and bright and I always feel welcome. Keep up the good work. I look forward to season 5??

Janet Burns Hope
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“The dojo is truly a family! I joined the 90 day challenge season 4 and the classes kept me motivated. The instructors make the hard workout fun. It can be challenging at times but the results are amazing…I have lost weight, gained strength and most of all gained confidence in myself…There is no “I can’t” in this place!

Kayla Anderson
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“I joined the yamaji dojo’s kickboxing program to get back in shape, but it evolved into something so much more than that.

They say that whoever you surround yourself with heavily influences who you are and who you become. The coaches and athletes I train with possess the qualities that inspire you to believe in yourself, train hard, and set goals to achieve great things. We don’t just focus on ourselves, we motivate each other and train as a team so that we can all evolve into our full potential. Phil has the training and ability to take us to wherever we want to go. With him as our head coach, the sky is the limit!

Something that I decided to try just for fun, turned into my passion and an absolute love for the sport. It has given me amazing coaches that stand behind me and push me to be the best I can be and teammates who are more like family.

Kasie Cunningham

“The little dragons is a fantastic program, our daughter loves it and can’t wait for each class. What they teach at such a young age is awesome, how to deal with bullies and what to do if you ever come into a situation is so great for them to learn going into school. I can’t say enough about the dojo.
Tammy Connelly-Ellis

“About a year ago we introduced our 5yo to Yamaji Dojo as a way to help expand her confidence level, and develop a fundamental fitness skill set to lay the ground work to build a foundation on. As the weeks went on we could see her ability to understand her own strengths grew as well as knowing that in order to progress further, there were some techniques she would have to practice more. It is something special to be able to witness someone doing this, building themself up… and a 5yo at that! Phillip and Yamaji Dojo crew have done an excellent job here and have one of the best facilities and atmospheres around for lots of fitness conditioning, mind/body development, and even accomplishing some challenging goals. They are committed and caring enough to be in your corner when you need them all the while giving you that little push you might need to break through some barriers! Thank you to say the least!
Gerry Ellis


I have done the first 90 day challenge, 28 day boot camp, and now doing the second 90 day challenge. This has transformed my body! I have lost 42 pounds in less then 5 months with diet and the dojo workout classes.
The instructors are amazing and helpful. I feel like I am part of a team each class I attend.

-Stacy Fidler




We were looking for a fun, affordable activity in our community and we found it! It was a small group when we began and there was lots of one on one training, from Sensei as well as his coaches. My son has enjoyed the “learn at your own pace” atmosphere, and has been training with the same partner since the beginning. He is now well on his way to receiving his junior black belt. Now, 7 years later, we have enrolled our second son who is now 6. Despite the growth of the club, it is still a one on one environment. No kid is ever left out, wondering what to do! The group dynamics are inclusive, empowering and always fun! I always recommend Yamaji Dojo to anybody who is looking for a martial arts program for their kids, there is no comparison in our area, and it shows in the continuing growth of the club!
Watching the kids class is definitely one of the highlights of my week! The coaches are all phenomenal with the kids! And the kids learn so much every single class!
Thanks for always being such a positive, enlightening influence to my boys! I am looking forward to enrolling our third boy in the fall!

-Crystal Mortimer


“I remember being so nervous walking into my first class at Yamaji Dojo my anxiety levels were through the roof. I had never studied any martial arts before and attending a class like this was definitely out of my comfort zone. I walked into the class and saw people warming up and throwing each other around the room with the biggest smiles on their faces and I immediately thought “there is no way I can do this, I’m not capable of doing this, abort mission”. Luckily, Sensei Phil and all of his students welcomed me with open arms onto the mats and helped me to learn how to work my way up to doing those incredible techniques safely and effectively. Here I am now with a blue belt around my waist, and loving every minute of it. I gained so much confidence, increased my physical fitness, and tapped into a drive to succeed I never knew existed that spills over into my professional life and personal life. I am so proud to be a part of such a great family at Yamaji Dojo and I would encourage anyone to take that leap of faith and just give it a try – you will be surprised at what you can accomplish with such a supportive Yamaji family on your side.

-Shelbie Dodge”


“My little guy has some serious shyness and social anxiety issues that were causing him to act out on ways that were not the best at school. We found little dragons in the late fall/winter of last year and brought him to check it out. He was in love with the fun and we continued going. Though he has made great progress and showed a ton of improvement it hasn’t been without struggle. It has been with the patience and caring of the wonderful crew at little dragons – Dawn M. Burhoe and Phillip Yang specifically- that lynkin has started to open up. As you can see from the pictures he looks up to Sensei greatly and we couldn’t be more proud or happy of his progress all thanks to this wonderful place.

Meaghan Murray

“I was first introduced to the Yamaji Dojo when my son joined jujutsu. 3 years later and he continues to enjoy training with Sensei Phil every Thursday. He has grown so much in terms of his self-confidence, self-control and coordination. He has had the opportunity to train with world class instructors and has even got to meet Ultimate Fighting Challenge Hall of Famer Royce Gracie! Phil is continuously trying to improve his facility and programming to suit his participants needs. He has created a family-friendly environment that encourages people of all ages and fitness levels to participate.

I was so impressed with the Yamaji Dojo, I decided to join their 90-day Fitness Challenge. I’ve been involved in sports, fitness programs and traditional gyms since my teens and this is by far my favorite program. The variety that Phil offers us with kickboxing, HIIT workouts and yoga has transformed my body. I am close to 40 and in the best shape of my life thanks to his Fitness Challenge. I’ve met wonderful friends and we support each other both in and out of the gym. I would highly recommend the Yamaji Dojo to anyone looking to try something new and fun 🙂

Rebecca Bonnell Conners


At yamaji dogo our daughter has learned skills to protect, learn discipline, and be respectful of others all in a fun atmosphere and beautiful facility. The instructors are passionate about what they do and it shows. Hands down the best program we’ve ever enrolled our child into!

-Elinh Tran


“As the father of an active five year old girl, I’ve been avidly trying to find a fitness program that checks off all the ‘win’ boxes, and finally I have at Yamaji Dojo. Their Little Dragon Jujutsu class is win across the board. My little girl is learning respect, discipline, social skills and best of all, the art of self defense. Add to that, she has a phenomenal sensei in Phillip Yang, the guy’s approachable, knowledgeable and best of all, he’s great with the kids. If you’re on the hunt for beneficial children’s program, look no further, this is the place.
John A Hamilton


First Class Facility With All First Class Staff. New Members Are Treated Like Family From Day One And Everyone Is Friendly. Whether Your Just Getting Started Or Your A High Ranking Blackbelt, Don’t Hesitate – Checkout Yamaji Dojo & Fitness Today !

-Greg Evans
I Absolutely love everything about this place and I can’t wait to get the next 90 day fitness challenge started! Keep up the great work Phil!
-Lindsey Northrup

I joined Yamaji Dojo Self-Defense School after taking one of their women’s defense classes in May and really enjoy the classes. Not only am I learning how to protect myself if need be, but am having fun, working out and meeting new people. Sensei makes the classes fun, and provides a safe and comfortable environment to train.

Thank you,

Gale Van Rooyen, CGA



My kids joined the Yamaji Dojo in the fall of 2012.  I am so impressed with the quality of instruction provided and the hands on approach of Phillip Yang.  He is truly passionate about the martial arts and infuses the class with his passion.  With a large group of people at various stages of development and ranging in age from 6-60’s, he somehow manages to meet the needs of everyone and does it in a way that is fun.  We love Yamaji Dojo!

Cori McDade



My son and I have been enjoying your class since we joined this past September.  You are a fantastic teacher and a great person who seems to truly care about each and every student.  We’ve learned so much and look forward to every Monday night.

 Bernard Murdoch


I have been attending Phillip Yang’s kickboxing classes since inception and absolutely love them! My friend and I always feel bad if there is a week that we have to miss as we both thoroughly enjoy the fun, fast-paced kickboxing classes that Philip teaches. We have learned so much over the past couple of years with respect to various kicks, punches and movements and are incredibly lucky to be part of such a great team! Philip is professional, fun-loving and an extremely well rounded coach! Anyone who is on the fence about joining any of his classes should just try them out! So much fun!! 🙂

 Misty LeBlanc


When given the choice of activities, my daughter always puts Jujutsu at the top and this is no accident. The Yamaji Dojo team does a fantastic job at ensuring students of all ages are; engaged, having fun, feel special, and learning valuable skills. As a parent, I also love that time is spent teaching when to use the skills and when not to. More than Jujutsu is taught at Yamaji Dojo!

Gail Bremner



What a great experience our son had with Phillip! Very fun, positive and creative atmosphere. It not only teaches the kids great techniques, but he builds on their self esteem in a positive learning environment.

Jolene Wade


I was looking for something that my family would enjoy doing together. None of us had ever tried any kind of martial art before but last spring, my husband and I and both our girls joined Jujitsu. It really is great exercise for anyone at any age! Sensei Yang is a really great teacher. He takes his time and makes sure you understand the techniques properly and the kids love him! We’ve made some friends and met a lot of great people. We absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone!

Louise Russell


I am a member of our Halifax Jujutsu club and attend with my husband and son. We have just started out on our journey and are training for our yellow belts. Our instructor has a great ability to create a family friendly environment that teaches not only the techniques but also the focus, self confidence and respect that make us want to keep learning. Yamaji Dojo is a wonderful organization that we are proud to be a part of.

Lisa Hayman


Phillip Yang is a skilled martial artist and a great teacher. Motivating students in fitness and focusing on technique.  Yang sensei has been instrumental in my life not only teaching me real world martial arts but as a friend.

Troy Donovan


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