Our Mission

Our organization’s mission is to provide a quality Family orientated martial arts & fitness club for our community. We aspire to instill self-confidence, self-esteem, physical fitness, self-discipline and mindfulness.



Offers various programs to suit the personal goals of your entire family.  Whether you’re looking for Fitness H.I.I.T Classes, Combat training for  self-defense, Competition in a Kickboxing ring or Cage… or just a recreational activity to get out of the house and meet new people – we have it all under one roof!  We offer classes to people in our community from ages 3yrs old and up.

Our gym is operated by Head Coach, Master Phillip Yang who holds an 8th degree blackbelt in Jujutsu and is sought after to teach seminars in other schools around the world.


Our Kickboxing program has been created and certified under 23 time world kickboxing champion, Jean-yves Theriault “The Iceman”.  Our fighters both recreational and competitive will earn certification levels of accomplishments under the champ!  There are simply no other kickboxing programs in the area that can compete with this curriculum and certification.